What links are there between TMJ and stress?

stress and jaw painTMJ and stress, so first of all lets discuss what is TMJ.   Temporomandibular Joint  Dysfunction (TMJ) is a condition that causes the jaw joints to lock and causes pain  during eating and chewing especially.    You use this joint often during the day also whenever you talk.

A big factor in developing TMJ is stress which can cause you to clench or grind your teeth.  You may not even be aware of it.   Stress and jaw pain often go together as you may not even be aware that you are even tensing your jaw.

I am writing to you about this as I have been grinding my teeth during the day unconsciously until I made myself pay attention to it.   I probably am grinding my teeth during the night as well as I wake up often with a sore jaw.  This is harder to treat as you can imagine as grinding and clenching puts pressure on the jaw joint and the subsequent swelling can press on the nerves in that area.

Here are my symptoms but you may have these or others as it does vary between people:

  • Pain in all of my teeth
  • Teeth grinding
  • Teeth clenching
  • Headaches
  • Sinus pain
  • Pain behind my eyes
  • Cracking sounds when I open my mouth or eat

I even went to the dentist believing I must have a hole in one of my teeth but was told they were OK and it seems this is quite common.  The best thing you can do is to reduce that stress, get your teeth checked to see they align properly, look at your posture, improve on it if you need to.  Also do some exercises for TMJ which are made especially to help this condition and in particular those overworked muscles and to reduce the tension in your jaw.

TMJ and stress do go together but you don’t have to suffer now you know why you are having jaw pain.  Stop it in its tracks, but just be warned it wont happen overnight but with diligence you can overcome it.  Relax your jaw whenever you are aware you are clenching it.  Believe me once you start to do this you will be amazed how many times you actually have to do it during a given day. Jaw pain can make you life miserable so do what I did and get it sorted starting today.

If you need help overcoming stress and jaw pain then you can get it at TMJ No More.  Sandra Carter is the expert for this condition and she gets results as well as offering private counseling to help you along.  It wont cost you a fortune either so if you think you cant do it alone get her help.

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1 comment to What links are there between TMJ and stress?

  • Great ways to relieve stress and anxiety. I too experience much stress in today’s action-packed and fast-paced world and some days just feel like curling up in bed and letting the world go by. Especially on those rare times when stress aggrevates my TMJ.