How to reduce Debt Stress

Reduce debt

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Many of us worry about our ability meet a loan or some other debt repayment and this causes debt stress.   It has become so easy for us to pay for what we want with credit cards whereas in the past we may have saved for it.

Negative stress from money worries is blamed for all sorts of physical ailments such as hypertension, insomnia, obesity and hives to mention just a few. Did you know that you are more likely to have health problems than those people who are debt free?  Why is that do you think?  Well, worrying about money causes anxiety, sleeping problems, anger and other behavioral problems and affects our overall physical health.

There are some ways you can help yourself with debt stress and these are:

Talk about it
That sounds simple doesn’t it but many of us don’t seek help.  Unresolved frustration leads to negative stress.  Fix the frustration and you fix the stress.  See a financial adviser or bank and for our health you should consult a doctor.

Understand why
Look into why this has come about and accept what you can’t change now and change what you can.

Meditation and exercise can reduce stress and tension.

Look at how you react to stress
What can you do to change this?

These are just 4 ways you can help your current situation but long term planning will help you avoid the problems in the future.  Don’t forget to stay positive and practical and don’t less debt stress get to you.

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4 comments to How to reduce Debt Stress

  • It seems with the “instant gratification” of today, people have forgotten that if you don’t have the money you can’t afford it! We were taught at an early age to save up for things. When we had the money we could then buy. But not any more. Credit cards are given out like candies and unfortunately people seem to disconnect the part of their brain that reminds them they will have to pay off their purchases plus interest. This then becomes extremely stressful!

  • ish

    very helpful thanks for sharing

  • You’re right about not being able to sleep. Some of my friends are under debt and have very limited incomes, and they’re so stressed about not being able to pay that they can barely sleep. Your article is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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