St John’s Wort – The Natural Stress Relief Treatment

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There is much controversy surrounding the effectiveness of  St John’s Wort as a depression and stress relief treatment.  While it has been found to be effective on its own, there are some drug interactions that could cause adverse effects to patients who also suffer from other disorders.   This herbal  is definitely effective but certainly needs to be taken only with the supervision of a physician.

Effective stress relief can be achieved though with regular use of  St John’s Wort.  While this is so, improvement in one’s general mental state can only be expected about three months after starting the herbal treatment.  Those who are looking for immediate stress relief should consult with their physicians right away.  Formulations of this herbal remedy vary in potency and could differ in their effects on a patient.  It would not be wise to make a decision on which brand of  St John’s Wort product to use merely based on cost.  You need to investigate the various brands and decide the best dosage and potency for your condition.

Other side effects of using this herbal remedy could include photo sensitivity and dizziness.  Extra care should be taken to address these side effects if you are going to be taking it continuously for stress relief over a long period of time.

There is no denying that St John’s Wort can do what it claims it can do.  It does lift mood for those who are seeking treatment for mild cases of depression or for stress relief.  They can definitely benefit from taking this herbal supplement  but only with proper consultation with a physician and by making  an informed decision.  Just be aware of the drug interactions though but this is a natural anxiety treatment worth trying for stress relief and mild depression.

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6 comments to St John’s Wort – The Natural Stress Relief Treatment

  • ish

    very interesting and informative post, we are thankful for sharing it to us, continue this wonderful things. More power!

  • Buddy

    I think St. Johns Wrt worked for me better when I was depessed about my life with anxiety and it did help me to relax.

  • I never heard about this product until I read about it here. It’s good that you shared with us this info.

  • Gerhardt

    St John’s wort is wonderful for depression, stress and anxiety. For day-to-day level issues it can be pretty much instant in effect for many people. I even use it for hangovers! It’s amazing more people don’t know about it. I think it just doesn’t get advertised much because you can’t patent it.

  • Paulineh

    I agree and especially about the advertising. Thanks for your comment.

  • Sangre

    I started using it a week ago b/c I have been extra stressed @ work. I have been very tense n was having to take Tylenol pm to be able to sleep @ a decent time. I told myself that I needed 2 do something before it became a health issue. Anyway, I don’t feel that tenseness in my body n I am not having 2 take Tylenol. I do expect to get off it once I feel more under control @ work but I am happy that I tried it. Also results were pretty instant for me.