Reduce Stress – Take a Vacation

Reduce stress lay on the beachI recommend a vacation to reduce stress in your life.  I have just been on a 10 day vacation to a beach side destination and I must say it has made me feel a new person.

I love the ocean and the waves are so relaxing.  Sitting on the sand watching the tide come in and go out is what I use to center my thoughts for stress relief and as also as a meditation technique.

You don’t have to go anywhere though to get the same results if you have a relaxation tape with ocean sounds,  a nice cool breeze and a sun lounge to lie in but experiencing the real thing now and then is fabulous I must admit.

Pick a vacation location where life moves at a slower pace.  Relax and don’t crowd too many activities into a day.  Read that book you bought ages ago but never had the time to before.

Get some good quality sleep.  Go to bed early and get up late.  Have a nap in the afternoon if possible.  Lay in a sun lounge (in the shade) and have 40 winks.

Walk along the beach, swim in the ocean or hotel pool.  Nothing makes you sleep better than exercise during the day.  Don’t forget that you are aiming to reduce stress in your life.

OK I can hear you saying you can’t afford a vacation.  If so then why not do it all in your mind.  I often will walk along the beach in my mind.  Take a day to do nothing but rest, revive and reduce your stress.  You are worth it!

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3 comments to Reduce Stress – Take a Vacation

  • For those who can’t getaway on a vacation this week (which includes me. I am in tax _ell) you could tune into an interview with Dr. Harriet Lerner on the topic of fear and anxiety.


  • Karen

    I’m going to try it!I fear going on vacation thinking I will have an anxiety attack. But I also know what the ocean does for my mind, body and spirit. I just have to believe this is meant to be

  • Yena

    Taking a long time leave and spend a vacation is the most common thing that most of us are having to find a relief on their stress. It’s been really quite effective to reduce stress and unwind, but you can also release your stress through making some stuff that would suggest healing and relief.