People who handle stress well

rainbowcolourPeople who handle stress in their lives show a very important trait, and that is, confidence.  Being confident affects your life in a lot of ways.  Confidence helps you make decisions and achieve goals and overall improves your control over your life because you believe in yourself.  Being confident also in your abilities is a very big part for stress relief techniques.  If you are confident that you can succeed tn then you aren’t afraid to act on your dreams and desires.

These people also approach problems differently from those that don’t handle stress well.  They are optimistic about the outcome and their ability to do something and not just worry over the situation.  They think of alternatives to their problems and take action.  If you do nothing and just worry about your life then the situation will never change.  This is a big solution for stress relief for a lot of people.

They don’t fear making mistakes but see these as chances for improvement. They realize that if they make a mistake nothing really bad normally happens, and they will learn from that experience. They don’t worry about change or uncertainty in their lives because they feel certain that the outcome will be ok for them and they will be able to embrace or manage the change. They know not to worry about something that might happen until it actually does.

If you are not one of these people then you can become one by changing your attitudes to a more positive one.  Be confident in decisions you make and learn from others that handle stress better than you.  Ask them their secrets for stress relief. Don’t procrastinate but take action and make good things happen in your life.

I think this quote from Woody Allen says it all about stressing over things.
“The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have”.

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4 comments to People who handle stress well

  • I think that’s very true because if one appears stressful to others, there’s no way confidence can be shown but irritable mode, frowning face and a lot of nervousness. I mean, I always have confidence but it does not mean I have zero stress.. The only difference is, I know how to hide them and always appear cool and when others try to be good with me, I forgot all about the worries and stuf go back to normal… no stress mode.

  • Paulineh

    Great technique to use Webbielady. I must try it.

  • Another tip I learned quite a while back has helped me to stop obsessing about every little mistake. When you think about these, most of them are quite funny. My wife and I like to congratulate each other on making a really good one – I often laugh about some silly lapse. It helps a lot to break up a stress trap.


  • Paulineh

    So true John. I am a bit of a worry wort and I really have had to work on not being a negative thinker.