Living a healthier life in 2009 free from Stress

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On top of the list for living a healthier life in 2009 will be to  balance  my life with less stress and anxiety by getting the right amount of rest and relaxation.   I must say here that I am not OLD (except to my grandchildren)  but just feel that way lately.  I know I will live longer if I increase my muscular strength and reduce stress in my life starting this year.

Laughter is one of the best things for your mental and physical state especially with stress related anxiety and I will try to see the funny side of situations where I can.  People are naturally attracted to someone who has a good sense of humor.  You can develop a good outlook and a good sense of humor by associating with and surrounding yourself with pleasant happy people and that is something that I can do for myself.

I need to recognize that stress can kill me.  A life filled with stress can really wreak havoc on your body causing many illnesses such as heart attacks, anxiety disorders including panic attacks and headaches.  I will meditate more for relaxation and I know this is a great way to reduce the stress quickly.

All stress is not terrible though and actually life would not be very exciting if it were not met with challenges.  But, too much stress, too often, with no efficient and appropriate outlet, does not allow the body and soul to recover  or relax so this is where the meditation will help to prevent anxiety from developing.

I am a worrier and long-term worriers, so they say, don’t have more serious problems than others – they just think they do.  I think I can see myself in that statement. Doctors say that chronic worriers feel less anxious if they actually spend half an hour a day thinking specifically about their troubles so I will be trying that out in 2009.

I am going to try to get plenty of exercise this year.  This will be my greatest challenge for living a healthier life in 2009. A good exercise regimen will lengthen my life I know and improve my appearance, build self confidence, reduce stress and so my anxiety levels and help delay the aging process.

Eating right, getting proper sleep and learning to relax are all very worthwhile in maintaining a healthy body and mind so that is what I will be doing to achieve that healthier life in 2009.  My motto this year will be “DONT STRESS THE SMALL STUFF“.

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