How to achieve complete calm

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Many more people are now suffering from stress-induced anxiety disorders at different levels.  Some form of relaxation or stress control measures should be taken by anyone who wants to stay sane in these days.

There would not be a day go by when we would not be confronted by at least one form of stressor or another.  From the moment we wake up to the time we retire for the night we can come up with a long list of things that annoyed or displeased us:  the alarm clock not going off, kids dilly-dallying and nearly missing the school bus, rush-hour traffic causing you to be late for work, the washing machine breaking down  – and you are only just starting out your day.

There are simple relaxation and stress control steps that you can take and these are great stress busters.  One important one is to have your own quiet time.  This may be difficult if you have children, so try and do this when they have gone to bed at night.

Start with banishing all the noise from your mind, heart and body and you can close your eyes to help block everything off.  Sit in a comfortable but not slouching position.  Feel the energies flowing through your body.  Start thinking about what you are grateful for and what makes you happy.  Make affirmations about yourself and your life.  Fill yourself only with positive thoughts.  Relax your mind. The positive energies will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in mind and spirit.

Ultimately, it really is just a matter of attitude.  Nothing can affect your disposition if you do not allow anything to affect it. Relaxation and stress control is something that can be achieved only with your permission.  No matter what kind of therapy you get into, if you are not open to making certain modifications to the way you think and react to things, you will continue to be adversely affected by anything and everything that goes on around you.

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4 comments to How to achieve complete calm

  • Simple but effective we need to find time for ourselves and it can be as little as 5 minutes of me time that can make such a difference.

  • Very good advice and techniques to use. I find that I’ve made a lot more progress in recovering from depression than from anxiety and feeling constant stress. I have made some life and work changes that have greatly reduced the stress – and that’s helped a lot. But the things I try for anxiety haven’t yet been very effective. What you suggest is great – I’m just taking a long time to get there.


  • ish

    stress can really ruin our day, so by having a effective relaxation will definitely help. Nice tips! care to exchange links? thanks in advance.

  • Such a true statement at the end of your post regarding the necessity to make changes in your thinking and behavior. We can’t control the world and others in it. However, we can control how we respond. There are skills and techniques to be learned if one is to reduce anxiety. One must accept the reality of their struggle and then take action.

    Dr. Craig April