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Driving to work or anywhere for that matter during peak periods can be a very stressful experience.  We seem to get all the red lights or they aren’t working, banked up traffic and construction zones.  There is also the noise and pollution associated with driving in the city.  The kids can get bored and restless and you arrive at your destination stressed.

I don’t know about you, but for me I really feel anxious especially when others are cutting in to my lane or wont give way when they are supposed to. If you feel stressed then it can escalate into road rage by you or others around you.  Just let go of the anger and stress.  Don’t let other drivers or passengers influence you or give them the satisfaction that they may have upset you.

Stay calm and try to empathize with the bad driver.  This may sound silly but it works for me so why not try it yourself.  You don’t know why they are acting this way this time.  They may have an emergency and are frustrated too by delays.  The kids on the other hand may be an ongoing problem you may have to work on.

Turn on on some music, something you really like to listen to as music is a great soother, and use the delay to relax. I love to think of myself somewhere warm, sitting by the ocean, drinking a Margarita. This can also be the time you can do some muscle relaxation exercises as well.

Make sure you allow enough time to get to your destination, know how to get there before you leave home, take something for the kids to do in the care and if you get too stressed pull over and take a break.

Happy safe driving and don’t stress out!

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