Calming visualization techniques to reach your happy place

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I have been using visualization techniques for awhile now to achieve stress relief which in turn keeps my anxiety levels low.  Through a mind technique like imagining my favorite sounds, sights and smells I can put myself into a more calm state and often it lifts me up to a happy and positive mood for the day.

My favorite “happy place” is a rock pool on a white sandy beach.  I imagine sitting in the rock pool with the waves coming in and feeling the warm rush of water relaxing me as it washes over my body.  I can hear the rhythmical sounds of the waves crashing on the shore around me, the warm sun on my skin and the smell of the fresh salty air.

The main visualization technique for stress relief though that I use is one where I have conditioned myself to react to smells especially perfumes, and when I travel I buy a new perfume to use, and then that aroma gets associated with the places I go to and I have found this repeatedly to be a great mind technique.

For instance I have a lovely light perfume which has a refreshing fruity smell and when I wear it I am transported in my mind back to Hawaii again.  It’s like a dejavu affect and I can fell and smell the warm air and the total bliss of being in paradise again. You can prolong that feeling by resting somewhere, closing your eyes and walking yourself in your mind through an experience you had during that time.

Another example of visualization is through sound.  I have a lovely recording of rainforest music.  When I hear the birds and the waterfall and the wind rustling through the trees I can feel I’m really there walking through a winding track covered in fallen leaves, bark and moss and I look up at the canopy above in awe at the enormity of the scene.   With this mind technique I find around 20 minutes is enough to find me more relaxed and calm again.

Remember when you finish any visualization technique for stress you should always come of it slowly,  like you would from a long sleep.  You can have quick visualizations like my aromas ones that lift your mood instantly but they are shorter lived but don’t discount them because they are still happy moments to be treasured.

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