Autogenic Therapy | What is it?

Ive never heard of Autogenic Therapy until recently and I’m sure most people haven’t.  Well what is it?

Autogenic Therapy (also called Autogenic Training) is a relaxation technique involving self suggestion which was developed by the German psychiatrist, Johannes Schultz and first published in 1932.  It is a powerful and proven deep relaxation technique similar to mediation, which enables you to relax your body and calm your mind quickly.  Autogenic therapy is one of the simplest and most effective ways to activate the ‘relaxation response’ which can break the vicious cycle of stress related disorders.

The core of this therapy is a course that teaches simple exercises using passive concentration in body awareness and relaxation and is practiced either sitting in a chair, lying down or in a horizontal posture and once mastered it can be done in almost any environment.  Visualization is also often used with Autogenic therapy practices.

Autogenic therapy is used extensively in business and sport to enhance performance and reduce stress and needs to be learned with a qualified therapist.  Once learned, it is a skill for life equipping you to deal with stress completely independently.

Please note that this therapy is very safe but isn’t recommended for people with severe mental problems such as personality disorders, for children or people who lack the intelligence to understand and perform the training.

Please contact your medical practitioner to see if this treatment would benefit you and where it is being held in your local area.

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2 comments to Autogenic Therapy | What is it?

  • Dreamcatcher3

    Thanks for this info as Ive never heard of this therapy before. Oh and I made the soup and it was nice and good for my diet.

  • Hey there,

    This sounds a lot like the Silva Method. I’m interested in doing more research on Autogenic Therapy. Thanks for sparking my interest!