4 ways to lift your mood quickly

This is an extract from a post from my Friend Corny from Squidoo:

Surround yourself with:

  1. Bright colors
  2. Bright light
  3. Pleasant sounds
  4. Nice smells


Corny is a man of few words but he has the right ideas about color.  I love the summer and am happier then, when the sun is bright.  I love Spring because of the smell of the flowers and the sound of the sea makes me start feeling relaxed instantly.  As you can see by my site here,  I love color and try and try and surround myself with it.

lift your mood

The picture at the right was taken at Tulip Time, a spring festival in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.  It was a beautiful day in the garden in spite of the rain, the flowers especially the beautiful tulips brightened up my day.

I am very sensitive to smells so particular smells do affect me in a good way.  I love the smell of roses, you know, those old fashioned ones that are full of scent.  I also love the smell of bread baking as probably most of us do and also vanilla is a great soothing smell.

I highly recommend the following book and CD from Hay House as it will change your life starting in small ways.  It is Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace Book with CD. Hay house is a leader in self help books of high quality that improve the quality of people’s lives.

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9 comments to 4 ways to lift your mood quickly

  • Samantha

    Hi Pauline, it is so true, when I’m feeling I need a pick me up for work, I try and wear something that’s brighten, light an happy. I tend to go with pinks, yellow or wear a peice of jewellery that will remind me of a holiday and a good time.

  • hi there, nice to meet you here! found you through entrecard.

    i totally agree with this. it’s simple but it seems to work for me, especially the bright light. the last time i was really hit over the head by depression it was winter, and the best part of my day, invariably, was shoveling snow in the sun.

  • Pauline

    Samantha I do the same with jewelery that reminds me of a happy time or event. I love my souvenirs of my vacations.

    Isabella thanks for visiting my site and winter is a bad time for me usually because of the lack of light. I’m always happier in the spring.

  • This is cool!
    Now when the trees are starting to get yellow and red it really changes my whole mood when I’m out and about !

  • Pauline

    Leo aren’t those trees so beautiful too. The color nature brings is so breathtaking sometimes.

  • Yes, they are!
    The fall is the most beautiful season! 🙂

  • Hi! You are so right. We too never use black color in our art therapy club Modus Vivendi (Klaipeda, Lithuania).
    Black color expresses the depression (the negative feelings) and thus oppresses as the viewers as the artists themselves.
    By the way, the above is worthy pondering deeper. Just think.
    The black color too radiates the light … Isn’t that a mystery of the light?
    The daylight builds the shadows on the earth. The shadows look like wrinkles on the face for the night could wash us…
    On the other hand, the shadows on the road too reflect the sun.
    The color metamorphoses touch the heart and awakes, yet do we hear indeed the color talks?

  • Pauline

    Tomas I agree about the black…..there are many shades of black and the contrast with bright colors with the black really looks spectacular. My favorites ‘black’ is one that that blue reflecting off it in the sun. I really admire artists and have always wanted to see things through their eyes. Keep up the good work with your art therapy club.

  • The way I deal with my anxiety, is by praying, and music. I do feel that sunny days make me more alive and perky, maybe it has something to do with the bright colours as well. =) Well-written post. Thanks for the tips.