Conversation skills for shy people

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Shyness can often stop us from communicating the way we would like to.   If you suffer from social phobia this can be a problem in your life.  There are a few things you can do though to improve your conversational skills.

Here are five tips to help you start:

1.  Listen
Listening to what the other person is saying is important and often difficult when nervous as we are concentrating on what we are going to say next, but by listening, this will help you, as you can ask questions and this will add to the conversation without you having to worry.

2.  Smile and make eye contact
This may sound a bit simple but when you make eye contact you are saying to the person that they are important, and smiling is in a way saying I like and approve of what you are saying.

3.  Lighten up
Talking to people can be pleasurable and not so stressful if you change your thinking.   Have a positive attitude that you will have a good experience and that it is a good way to meet people and make friends even why you are shy.  It is not an activity to worry about and if things get tense just talk about something you know well like your job, sport or a new program on TV.

4.  Know your audience
If you are going to a specific group like a book club or sporting group then find out what the group has been doing lately.  The book club may be in the process of reading a particular book and you can research about the book on Google.  The sporting group will probably be doing activities that you like or you wouldn’t be joining it so just talk about your experiences.

5.  Join a speech club
OK, I know that can be daunting to some people  especially if you are shy  or have social phobia so I have left this tip to the end.  Clubs such as Toastmasters can help you learn to speak in public and this not only will help you in business but improve your confidence in speaking with people one on one as well.

I hope these few tips help you as they have helped me and remember if you only try one tip then make it No 1 as this is the most important.  People like other people who listen to them.

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