Panic attacks and how they start

Listen to the video below as it explains how I felt when having a panic attack but I didn’t know what to do then.   Eating in restaurants always made me anxious and this is where my panic attacks started. When I looked at this video I identified immediately with how I felt when I first suffered from panic attacks.

What it didn’t talk about though was what I call ‘the wave’ which comes with panic attacks. I used to dread ‘the wave’  but now when I feel some tingling in my fingers or scalp I can stop ‘the wave’ from coming on and taking me into a full blown panic attack.  I realize then that my anxiety is high and I work at getting it down.  Please watch the video if you do experience panic.

It’s not easy to overcome panic attacks but it can be done and I have done it myself. Don’t be fooled though into thinking its easy or that you can read a book or watch some videos and it will all go away. That doesn’t happen. It takes time and you must apply what you learn.    I really liked this video and I hope you did too.

I recommend PANIC AWAY for help with overcoming panic.  Just read their testimonials to see the relief they have given to so many people.

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4 comments to Panic attacks and how they start

  • You handle a very delicate topic in a very positive and hopeful way. Therefore, I have nominated you for the Lemonade Award . Please visit my blog for details!

  • JoeyM

    I think the video is very interesting and I see some of myself from years ago in this post.

  • SandraJ

    I just started having panic attacks and this site has been a great help to me. Thank you. It gives me hope that I can overcome them and lead a normal life again.

  • My attacks were largely triggered by acidity. Once I started taking prescription tablets, the acidity was fixed and the panic attacks have mostly gone away. I keep Mylanta tablets at hand, just in case.