Overcoming panic attacks

Moving on after panic | living a normal life

I really cant say that I am cured from, and that I have succeeded in overcoming panic attacks. If I let my anxiety levels rise then it is a possibility that I may have another panic attack. The difference is now that I don’t fear it. I know how to work through it.

overcoming panic

dont panic

Overcoming panic attacks hasnt been a quick fix for me and I dont think too many people can say that it has been for them either. I worked on it, and as I have said in previous posts, I took one step at a time and now I feel I have succeeded.

Looking at life through positive eyes has been something that I have to work at but I am much better at it now than I was in the beginning. It’s like anything that has been a habit, it takes time to change. Life has opened up to me again and I am happy, which is probably a result of that positive outlook.

The hardest thing for me, still, is to not avoid certain places where I used to feel stressed, and I practice that and am doing ok. By exposing myself to the stressors I have, over time, been desensitized to them so I keep that up as I dont want to regress without realizing.

I have come a long way since my first panic attack so many years ago and I am grateful that I have overcome my fears to move forward and live a life that is full and without barriers.

Overcoming panic attacks will be different for each person and I realize that. I hope my story gives other fellow sufferers some hope that life can change for the better with proper treatment and a willingness to get better.

Anxiety doesnt rule my life anymore. I am now in control. Life is good.

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8 comments to Overcoming panic attacks

  • Hi Pauline
    I am so glad that you are getting on top of these attacks, it cant be good for your health to be under so much stress and worry that you may have another attack. I am interested in the mediation websites that you have posted as I think mediation is a wonderul way to combat stress.

  • AnxietyHelp

    Thank you for your comments Uless and I agree that life is not good when you are stressed and I have indeed found that meditation has been a great help to me to keep it under control although I found with panic attacks my greatest ally is breath control.

  • Angel

    Hi Pauline,

    I have found this information very informative. I have a very close friend who suffers from anxiety attacks. I will be forwarding this website to her for her to read, as I am sure the information on here would help her immensely. Thank you Angel

  • jacinta

    Hi there, Thanks for your information, very useful and this will be a great help for some people out there. I will certainly forward this to my great friend thats going through this at the moment. Thanks Jac!!

  • Max

    Hi – just wanted to say good design and blog – cu

  • Hi, I found your blog via Google while searching for anxiety and panic cure and your post regarding ing panic attacks | Get Anxiety Help looks very interesting for me

  • Max

    I don’t mean to be too in your face, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think I’ll come to this blog more often.

  • This is never easy.