Is anxiety causing you to overeat?

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We all need to eat but the problem starts when you comfort eat when you are anxious.  Stress and anxiety can be a bad aspect of your life if you react to it by overeating.  This can lead to weight gain and health problems as well.  I was one who was a comfort eater and when things went wrong for me I would take pleasure in my food.

Finding out what your stressors are is very important so you are aware of why you are overeating.  Sometimes we can’t change the stressors eg a bereavement, but we can control how we react to it.  We often hope that the comfort we get will make the underlying problem go away but unfortunately it just makes it worse or creates other problems.

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Review of The Unexplainable Store for Relaxation Music

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I have spoken about this online store called The Unexplainable Store before but in the last week I noticed that my anxiety levels were rising again because of a few things happening in my life at present, and so I wanted to talk to you again about how the music they sell is such a great help to me in managing my anxiety.   If something works then you should spread the news!

You know in yourself when your anxiety has reared its ugly head and sometimes it’s a surprise, and feels like it has come from nowhere, and at other times you know exactly what has triggered it.  The good news for me is that when I realize my stress levels are building, I then can go and control it and reduce it to a manageable level  with binaural beat or osochronic music, and before it develops into a panic attack.

The Unexplainable Store sells binaural beat music (also called brain entrainment) which is played in both ears at once through stereo earphones.  You download the music straight to your computer and then you can put it on your iPod, MP3 player, iPad or Kindle.   It’s amazing how fast it works to get your stress levels down even from the first recording.  When you listen to the music you can feel a kind of buzz ( I’m sorry that’s not very descriptive but how it feels to me) so you know its working for you.  Maybe I’m more sensitive or something, and I would love you to tell me how it affects you.

They also have isochronic music to choose from where you don’t need the headphones but I suggest you still use them unless you are alone with no other distracting sounds around you.  The following is an explanation from their site – Isochronic tones are the most powerful type of brainwave entrainment, utilizing equal intensity tones, increasing the pulse speed, and synchronizing your brain with the rhythm. Isochronics use a distinct and clean wave form which is designed to harmonize with the brain much more efficiently.

They have a wide range of titles but my favorites are Slow Down and Relax and Anxiety Aid.  Besides titles on anxiety and stress they also have recordings on motivation, prosperity and weight loss.  I have also used the self hypnosis recordings as well and find them very good.

If you suffer from anxiety you have to give it a go.  It works for me and has saved me from a panic attack on a few occasions and I also take them and my iPod when I travel and am a little more keyed up.

Update:  The Unexplainable Store has changed hands (2012) but still delivers great binaural beats for $14 and isochronic tones at $24 for the Anxiety Aid package and binaural beats (10) and isochronic tones ($16) for Slow Down and Relax package.

See the video below to find out more about THE UNEXPLAINABLE STORE.

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Relaxation Video for you to watch

Relaxation is so important in keeping anxiety at bay but it can be quite difficult to maintain.  I work at keeping my stress levels down and music I found is great for this.  This is a great video and it has great music.  Please take some time out to put on some headphones, sit in a relaxed position, turn off your cell phone, close the doors and listen to this video.

This is a 26 minute video so you will definitely feel yourself relaxing. Save it to your computer and you can listen to it as often as you want.  Just remember that the more you watch and listen the easier it will become to keep your stress levels down.

If you are looking for some great music for relaxation then look to for them.  Sitting on the beach, in the park or by the pool, these are great places to try and relax and Amazon has music for every taste.   I love to listen to relaxation music while I’m traveling as well.  My favorite is Healing Sounds of Nature – Thunderstorm, Rain and Ocean Waves but another related to this video is Echoes of Nature: Rainforest.  Both have lovely relaxing tones that relax me fairly quickly.  What ones you do like best?


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Breathing your way through Anxiety

Did you know you can breathe your way through anxiety?

As you get older you no longer get the same amount of oxygen to your lungs as you used to when you were younger.  If you shallow breathe like I do then you will build up more carbon dioxide in your lungs.  This does not help you when you get anxious and can actually lead you to a panic attack.

When you are anxious you also rapid breathe which not only can lead to overall tiredness but is not good for your heart.  It only takes about 5 minutes a day to freshen that stale air that is accumulating and this you can do anytime of the day but at night time these exercises will also relax your for a better sleep.

Here are 3 exercises you can try:

1.  Place your hands on your stomach just below your rib case and slowly breath in and feel your ribs expanding.  slowly breathe out all the way as much as you can.

2. Humming exercises (now don’t laugh) are also helpful and this is where you hum on exhaling.  Concentrate on your breathing and hum each time you exhale.  This help you relax in all part of your body.

3.  Chinese breathing is something new that I have been trying.  Sit down in a comfortable chair, preferably one that doesn’t have arms and take three short breaths through the nose without exhaling between them.

With this technique on the first breath you also have to lift your arms out in front of you , on the second you open up your arms to the side at shoulder level and on the third breathe you lift them over your head.  You then exhale and bring your arms down to your side.

Maybe do it one more time but don’t overdo it as it can make you lightheaded and don’t do this exercise when standing.

I would like you now to watch this video by as its a fairly new way to treat anxiety and stress and one I am looking at investigating more.  Click on the link below to watch it.

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