Take a deep breath and RELAX


Learning how to relax fully can take a while to master but if you stop, and take a minute to breathe deeply during your busy day, then you will feel you will be more relaxed.

Its worth a try isn’t it? YOU are worth it!

Its easy, doesn’t cost you a cent, and if you remember to practice each day then you will also get the extra benefit of exercising your lungs. People who suffer from panic attack often shallow breathe so training yourself to take deep breaths has got to be a great technique for helping you manage panic.

The image above is bold and bright for a reason, so you can take note and apply its message.  So, sit back take a deep breath and relax.

I really want to rule the world again!

I am going to do something a bit different this week and talk to you about a video I really love, and which reminds me of a time from childhood to my teenage years when I was a confident and outgoing person.  I don’t know really where my confidence went but it disappeared in early adulthood and I was left with anxiety and panic but I really want to rule the world again.

I then discovered MUSIC that I could download to my iPhone, iPad or Kindle that could help me with rebuilding confidence.  CLICK ON THE LINK TO LEARN MORE.

The video is the Grammy Award winning song “Viva la Vida” and also known as ‘When I ruled the world” sung by Coldplay.   It’s a very stirring song and a little bit sad as well.   I would like you to listen to it but don’t examine every word but just enjoy the song.

When I first heard it I thought immediately of my young days when I was a confident young lady who loved to mix and had many friends.  I became an anxious and reserved person who preferred her own company or only those of some close friends and family.

The lines –

“People couldn’t believe what I’d become,
Revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate,
just a puppet on a lonely string” 

These lines of the song are exactly how I thought of myself and what others thought of me, and all the while they were wondering where the confident girl went.  I was thinking that they were just waiting for me to fail, panic or retreat.  The song is also uplifting to me and makes me want to rise up and sing loudly out the window, especially in the OH OH OH part.

I wish I could go back to those days when I ruled the world.

Click on the video below and listen to it now and let me know what the song says to you.

Panic attacks and how they start

Listen to the video below as it explains how I felt when having a panic attack but I didn’t know what to do then.   Eating in restaurants always made me anxious and this is where my panic attacks started. When I looked at this video I identified immediately with how I felt when I first suffered from panic attacks.

What it didn’t talk about though was what I call ‘the wave’ which comes with panic attacks. I used to dread ‘the wave’  but now when I feel some tingling in my fingers or scalp I can stop ‘the wave’ from coming on and taking me into a full blown panic attack.  I realize then that my anxiety is high and I work at getting it down.  Please watch the video if you do experience panic.

It’s not easy to overcome panic attacks but it can be done and I have done it myself. Don’t be fooled though into thinking its easy or that you can read a book or watch some videos and it will all go away. That doesn’t happen. It takes time and you must apply what you learn.    I really liked this video and I hope you did too.

I recommend PANIC AWAY for help with overcoming panic.  Just read their testimonials to see the relief they have given to so many people.

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Did you know we all handle bad stress differently?

A large glass of red wine contains about three...
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The way we react to bad stress is different for each person.  I know when I’m stressed, I race around, drink lots of coffee and talk at a hundred miles an hour.  My best friend though just retreats and finds comfort in food and a good red wine. You can see that we both handle stress very differently.

I probably fall into what is called a hyper personality when I’m stressed and I have found aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies work well for me.  When I realize my bad stress levels going up I then also watch what I am eating and cut down on the caffeine. I also slow my mind down with meditation.
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