Remove that Fear of Failure

Not Yet Another Failure
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Like most anxieties we often avoid the problem rather than face it and this is the case with fear of failure.  It is easier not to take the risk so we go in avoidance mode.  We must understand what has made us fear failing in the first place.  Has outside influences had a part in our feelings?

An example of this might be that we are told in our youth that we can never do anything right and so be believe it.   Is this outside assessment an accurate one or just something we have accepted as truth?  Fear can immobilize us and we get so wrapped up in that fear that we really will fail or not try at all.

Think of ways to overcome this fear of failure.  What would be the outcome of taking the risk?  What is the worst case scenario?  How long would it take you to recover from the failure if you did take it?  Looking at these things will help you decide to face the fear and act or not.

When you plan things, especially in smaller steps, then it is easier to take a risk.  Have a back up plan also, and this especially will give you the confidence to act and face the fear.  Once you do it, it will become easier the next time eg joining a club, making a speech or having a first date.

The greatest obstacles to your success is avoidance and procrastination.  We tell ourselves we will do it tomorrow or not at all.  If we don’t take risks and face our fears then we will be in the same situation we are in today, tomorrow, next week and next year.

Fear can immobilize us but we can face our fears and our lives will be change hopefully for the better.  We don’t need to worry about the fear of failure, just take the chance.

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Child Anxiety – is my child anxious?

How do you recognize child anxiety? Are these reactions of my child normal or abnormal?  Its sometimes difficult as we are so close to the person who is suffering the anxiety.

Children are often worried about meeting new people, giving a speech in class, being frightened of the dark or changing schools but these are normal responses and feelings, but when the worry is unrealistic is when there is a real problem.  Often the result is that they will avoid the situation or event.

Child anxiety and fear need to be taken seriously because the child believes that their feel is very real, so listen to them when they approach you.  It carries the same symptoms as adults have but a child doesn’t have the brain capacity or experience to make sense of them.

A very anxious child’s phobia can be made worse by an over protective parent.  Encourage your child to face up to their fears in their own time and to try new things despite the result.  Tell them that mistakes are OK and are just a part of learning from their experiences.

Teaching your child to calm themselves down when they get upset is a very good tactic to help them in situations when you aren’t there to help.  I also found that having a routine for my own children gave them a sense of stability and security, oh and it made my life less stressful too.  This also helps your child from suffering from separation anxiety.

Child anxiety can also carry on into adulthood so dealing with the problems now will mean that this wont carry on through the rest of their life.  If you suspect that your child does suffer from anxiety then please see your family doctor for advice.

A great self help program is available at Panic Away. Check it out and have a look at some of the testemonials. They have a new video on the site as well that describes me to a tee even to the situation of eating out.  Unbelievable!  Even looks like me….I wish.

How to manage travel anxiety

travel anxietyI love to travel but I also get stressed out by the preparation and the actual traveling but I still go and I have fun the majority of the time.  I am going on a cruise and so for the last week I have felt my anxiety levels rising.  When I feel like this I know I have to start to bring that anxiety down.

I tell myself to relax as often as I remember to. This helps a lot over the day if I remember it enough.  Relaxation music is also helpful and I listen to that before I go to sleep and I find it helps too at the airport to relax me and diffuse that travel anxiety I might be feeling.  Download this music to your iphone, ipad or Kindle so you have it with you when traveling.

I find it difficult to sleep on planes and this music helps me to relax and get some sleep on long haul flights so look at the many kinds of music that can help you here —> Binaural Beat Sleep or Relaxation Music

travel anxiety railSome of the ways I manage travel anxiety are:

  • I stop and think why I’m having a vacation.  I had a dream and I put a plan into action so it would become reality.  Now is the time to enjoy this time and look forward to it.  This is the time to enjoy the experience.
  • Be organized when I am at the airport and/or the cruise terminal.  I have all my documents handy and together. This helps me be more confident and relaxed.
  • I limit what I drink as far as alcohol is concerned as that makes me feel hot and confused which just makes my anxiety about traveling a lot worse.  I usually settle with one drink at dinner if I feel like it.
  • I keep a travel diary so that I can go back and relive the memories and it reinforces how well I managed on that trip.  Looking at all my diaries reminds me how many times I have traveled and it makes me feel good about myself.
  • I accept that not everything will go as planned and that sometimes you have to accept that change happens and planes get relayed or canceled or the hotel you picked online is really quite seedy or the excursion you booked is not really what you wanted but I have learned to be open to that change and go with the flow.  This has been the most challenging part of traveling for me.
  • Traveling also makes me trust my decisions and to make more choices.  I wouldn’t have done that before. I found it hard to make any decisions in case I made the wrong ones. Now I can make the decisions I need to and if I made a mistake I have realized its not the end of the world.
  • I don’t worry about everything little thing but just enjoy and have a good time.  I try not to over analyze everything that’s going on around me.  Worry doesn’t achieve anything anyway.
  • Traveling has really empowered me and given me many great things including opening up my mind to new places, different people and being more tolerant, but the greatest thing I have achieved from traveling is confidence in myself.

I now manage my travel anxiety pretty well now and have all the tools to send it packing but in the other direction.

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You can use these easy tips for Stress Relief for Women

Stress can be a major factor in living an unhealthy life for women in particular.  Many women are finding it difficult due to feelings of pressure and stress in their everyday lives.  Stress relief for women can be very easy to achieve, especially when you know how.  Keeping your stress to a minimum is now one of the greatest tasks most women need to learn.

One good strategy is to learn to prioritize.  No one can do everything at once and you also have to have  some allotted time for leisure and relaxation as well as your work.  I am a person of lists so I follow my list and each day I feel I have achieved some things, if not all, and feel less stressed in the process.

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