Watch your stress levels or they will sneak up on you

I control my anxiety and subsequent panic attacks by keeping my stress levels down.  This can be a challenge as you don’t always know that stress and anxiety are building until it is too late and you are showing signs like, in my case, talking quickly, being agitated and getting upset at small things.

I had recently finished a job and was starting another and in between we were having a few days break at the coast.  The time just beforehand had been stressful but I was now looking forward to the new job starting.  A few days break away was what I needed.stress levels

I didn’t realize how stressed I really was until we got to our destination.  I thought at first I was a little car sick but after a few hours I knew that it really was anxiety.  Maybe all that stress that was built up just needed to release.  I didn’t want it to ruin my weekend.

I got out my iPod that has some great binaural beat relaxation music on it and got myself in a nice, warm, comfortable position, closed my eyes and turned it on.  I did feel a little better by the end so I played one of the tracks again.  Now I really felt the benefit and I was able to go out that night not fearing that I would have a panic attack.  If you ever have had a panic attack you will realize exactly how I felt when I had the control back.

Relaxation music and especially ones that have binaural beats really work for me in an emergency and I was so glad that I had taken my iPod that weekend and I know it will be the first thing I pack in the future.

I am fortunate that I have learned slow breathing techniques which assists the relaxation process and combined with the music I know that I can bring my stress levels down fairly quickly.  I know I will have to make sure that I include other relaxation methods in my daily life and not neglect my nerves in the future or it will happen again and I don’t want that.

The weekend could have been ruined for me but instead I had a lovely break by the sea before starting another stressful experience of starting a new job.  Oh the music I have downloaded is  Slow Down and Relax which is 20 minutes and Manifestation (for positive thinking) which is 30 minutes and of course I have the 10 minute sample.

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3 comments to Watch your stress levels or they will sneak up on you

  • Reber1967

    I can relate to this story as this is the way stress sneaks up on me too. I find breathing exercises really helps. Thanks for the article. I take my ipod with me all the time too.

  • Paulineh

    iPod are the best invention ever aren’t they

  • Thanks for this, it seems to me that brainwave entrainment is a fantastic technology, I’ve been looking into it for a while now and you’ve prompted me to go and try it.