A few positive ways to improve your office work space for a healthier life

homedeskYou may not realize that your office work space isn’t the most healthy environment for you to work in.  There are so many things surrounding you that produce electromagnetic fields such as from your computer, the printer, photocopier and even the fluorescent lights.  You can’t eliminate these risk altogether but be aware of them.  Two things you can do is to not sit too close to your computer and when you aren’t using it then turn it off.

Carpets, walls and furniture can also be treated with a range of chemical finishes that can affect you.  Natural flooring materials are much more healthy and a better alternative and use low odor paints and varnishes on the walls and furniture.  Your lighting or lack of it can affect your sight and give you headaches.  Try and place your work spaces near a window for natural light if possible.

The quality of the air is also important so rooms that are closed up all day are breeding grounds for germs.  For a healthier life open up a window and let the air circulate.  You can’t always do this in high rise building so keeping the air conditioner well serviced is the best you can achieve.  Also having a living plant on your desk or near your work spaces can help purify the air.

Lastly make sure your office work space especially your desk and chair are set up to be ergonomically friendly.  Make sure your when you sit on your chair your feet are on the floor and you your desk is fairly uncluttered with everything organized that you can reach it easily.  If you need a wrist rest then use it but I find it more a nuisance than a help.

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