Suffer from fear and anxiety?

Fear and Anxiety

Fear and Anxiety

Have you been affected by fear and anxiety?  For me it was like a domino effect with stress causing anxiety, then panic appears and finally you fear the panic happening again.  Stress over a long time was the trigger for me.

Fear and anxiety are a normal part of life and have evolved on the basis that you adapt in response to threat.  They are closely linked but quite different and you need to deal with them in different ways.  Anxiety is a vague unpleasant emotional state and it often appears to have no basis or direct threat.  Fear is similar except that it has a specific object.

Fear and anxiety are not bad things in themselves when we are in control of our emotions.  Everyone has experienced these emotions in their lives at some time.

snakes scare me

Scarey snakes

Examples of Fears | Anxieties

The fear of heights, spiders or snakes;
The anxiety associated with public speaking, the loss of a loved one, or sitting exams.

Anxiety can develop when someone feels overwhelmed, or has difficulty reconciling to some situation or event and when they don’t know how to deal with that situation/event.  The anticipation of a situation that makes you anxious can develop into avoidance of that situation which leads into an anxiety disorder like social anxiety or agoraphobia.

Identifying your fears

Keeping a record of things that make you anxious will help you identify situations you may not have been consciously aware were making you uneasy. Make sure to record your thoughts, feelings and actions and not just the object/thing.

What are your fears?

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8 comments to Suffer from fear and anxiety?

  • Jason

    Hi, its Jason. I had no idea you suffered from anxiety. I like what you have done to the site. Very cool.

  • Pauline

    Hi Jason

    People with anxiety, panic disorder and social phobia are often very good at hiding it from others as we don’t think people will understand or accept. Im glad you had a look around and please come back again as I hope to keep updating this site often.

  • Samantha

    Hi Pauline, you know me well and you have helped me greatly over the years. I have realised that whenever I am feeling anxious, stressed, worried I write things down in a journal. It puts my mind at ease and gives me peace within myself. It does not often resolve my anxiety, stress or fears, but me personally, I feel this is the way of channelling my emotions to a more positive way, instead of bottling them up and feeling overwhelmed that no-one will help or understand. As you said, “we hide it well” because to me I have many times suffered from anxiety. Cold sweats, shaky hands, heart palpatations, I have had it all. I only hope I can, like you, help others see they aren’t alone.

    Keep up the good work and I will share your site with others.

  • I glad I found your site. I’ll definitely be an avid reader. I’ve suffered from anxiety that has manifested in different ways in my body: from headaches as a youth, to terrible stomach problems in college to full on panic attacks in the “real world”. I have gotten more control over them now that I know it is anxiety and I’m not going to faint or whatever. Surprisingly, I had no attacks during my pregnancy which makes me think that my body had the right balance of hormones! Go figure! Don’t get me started on fears though. Now that I”m a mom, I worry/fear about more things. Thanks again for your site!

  • Pauline

    Hi Hilary, I still suffer from headaches and I think mine is stress related. My panic always goes to my stomach then works it way through lol. Its amazing what control you can take back though when you know what you are facing and have some strategies to use. Im glad you like my site and I hope you continue to keep reading.

    Thanks Samantha, Im glad we have been able to help each other over the years and yes we aren’t alone, it just feels like it, and there are a lot of us out there.

  • Samantha

    I still suffer headaches, however I last night picked up my book by Louise Hay in the hope I can start to overcome a lot of my fears and anxieties. I suffered bullimia for approx 3 years and it was due from a lot of stress at that time in my life. It still haunts me to this day but I know it was something I can overcome, I therefore feel if I can overcome those demons, I can overcome this one too.

    * Hiliary – the real world is a scary place, but it can be a really beautiful world too – we just have to open our hearts and mind and realise that fear is something we can all overcome in time.

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  • Paulineh

    I agree Samantha the world can be a scary place if we allow it to be.