Dont let shyness ruin your holidays

When I am talking about  SHYNESS here in this post I am referring to someone with social phobia.  Saying you are shy seems to be more generally accepted than saying you feel anxious in social situations or to admit you may suffer from social anxiety disorder.

Do you remember a time when you were not shy?  I do!  I remember myself as an outgoing child and my mother backs that up.  What happened then to me?  I think that my thinking changed in very small ways over a long time.  I started off on the positive road and slowly my course changed, and one day I came to a fork where I took a more negative one.  I didn’t realize until I took the turn.

Small positive changes over a long time can also make a difference in your shyness.  Make these changes, now positive ones, and see the big difference it can make in your life.

Changing our thoughts isn’t that difficult but it takes practice.  If you decide to do nothing then nothing will change in your life. Shyness sometimes leads us to let others control our lives and make our decisions.  Take back the control and have a better holiday period.

Don’t hide away, do something social that you think you can manage like having a Christmas drink with friends or colleagues, call a friend on the telephone, accept an invitation to share dinner with friends, get the kids in the car and admire the Christmas lights around the neighborhood or wish a total stranger Merry Christmas.

We hide our shyness and pretend not be be shy but if you start in small ways you will be amazed how easy it becomes in time with practice.  If you need help though with these suggestions then I recommend THE SOCIAL STRATEGIES, an online program which has helped so many people to live normal lives again.

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5 comments to Dont let shyness ruin your holidays

  • Blair

    wrote an interesting post today on Here

  • Happy New year!! Wishing you all the best in 2009. Good life & Good health. More blessings to all of us. Cheers!!

  • Social Anxiety

    well i want to overcome my own social anxiety. It is sucking me.

  • Buddy

    Paulineh…..shyness is something that I never associated with you. I was a shy kid but outgrew it luckily. I was just left stressed.

  • Jane

    heavy loud music calms my anxiety. Most people will have a “click” that will help them lower there anxiety, you must find it and when you do use it, i can be the difference between and panic attack and a great day.