Conversation skills for shy people

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Shyness can often stop us from communicating the way we would like to.   If you suffer from social phobia this can be a problem in your life.  There are a few things you can do though to improve your conversational skills.

Here are five tips to help you start:

1.  Listen
Listening to what the other person is saying is important and often difficult when nervous as we are concentrating on what we are going to say next, but by listening, this will help you, as you can ask questions and this will add to the conversation without you having to worry.

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Have a good cry and relieve stress

smiley_cryingA good way of relieving stress is to have a good cry.  You are not weak if you cry but naturally getting rid of feelings that might be damaging your health.

Society seems to dictate when we are allowed to cry such as funerals and weddings and women are judged less than men for crying.  Other cultures are more relaxed about crying, for instance, Italians have no such reservation about crying in public.

Most of us do cry though more often than we admit.  society though expects us to deal with our families, work and friends with calm assurance, meeting crises and catastrophes without breaking down.  it is important for our health and happiness however that we can release these tensions at appropriate times and tears are a good way to do this.

Tears are used as a device and if you pick a safe place and time to release these emotions then you are preventing yourself from those tensions building into severe stress or anxiety.

Think about what would work for you.  A few examples would be to watch a sad movie, take yourself off to a private place or hug a loved one but this is a very individual thing and you will know what works for you, so, have a good cry, release stress and be a more healthy person.

My personal affirmations

These are my personal affirmations that I try to use every day.

Affirmations have been used since we have had language.  Personal affirmations are tools that can help you rewrite negative tapes about yourself and your life and are the easiest way to make positive changes and can help you to manage stress.

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Anxiety and Physical Symptoms

anxiety and physical symptomsI think most people who have never experienced stress or panic attack don’t really realize that there are anxiety physical symptoms that result from having this condition.  I think they may think that ‘it’s all in your head’ and that some people react emotionally.  It’s sometimes difficult to detect someone who is having a panic attack unless they verbalize what is happening to them or they show some other sign like fainting, throwing up or shaking etc as it is sometimes something that is experienced inwardly.

If you know the anxiety physical symptoms you get, then you can stop it coming on or minimize it’s effect.  As an example when I feel tingling in my fingers or scalp it alerts me that I am stressed and over breathing and so I know to start to slow my breathing down and hold my breath periodically for up to 30 seconds at a time.  This really helps me to stop the panic attack and works 90% of the timeMany people who suffer anxiety also suffer from upset stomachs, often feeling nauseous.  Others will think they are having a heart attack or they are going to die because of the anxiety physical symptoms they are experiencing. In these instances the symptoms are easy to see and not experienced just inwardly.

Anxiety and Panic attacks can also lead to other physical problems like ulcers and other problems with the stomach, headaches and migraine and high blood pressure. These anxiety physical symptoms are real and the people who suffer from anxiety are often misunderstood and labeled ‘sensitive’ or ‘antisocial’. In reality they are brave souls who are facing a fight for situations or occasions others would find ‘ordinary’.  It’s difficult to be social when you are holding your breath and being sensitive is really a good thing not a bad one don’t you think?

Don’t worry what others think and live your life to the fullest and know that there are others like you fighting the fight and winning and you are not alone.  We understand!

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