Did you know we all handle bad stress differently?

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The way we react to bad stress is different for each person.  I know when I’m stressed, I race around, drink lots of coffee and talk at a hundred miles an hour.  My best friend though just retreats and finds comfort in food and a good red wine. You can see that we both handle stress very differently.

I probably fall into what is called a hyper personality when I’m stressed and I have found aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies work well for me.  When I realize my bad stress levels going up I then also watch what I am eating and cut down on the caffeine. I also slow my mind down with meditation.
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You cant run away from your Fears And Anxieties forever

scaredpartfaceWe should all realize that a time will come when we will have to face our fears and anxieties irrespective of how difficult they may be. There is one thing that I learned and that is that you cant hide or runaway from your fears forever. Taking medications, drinking alcohol, or other methods will not take away your problems and fears.  A quote that I think applies here is  “No man is free who is not master of himself” by Epictetus.

So what do you do to make your problems and fears go away? Well, since you cant run away from them, then the best solution is to face your fears head on no matter how powerful they may be. The key is to be courageous in how you try to manage these fears. Continue reading You cant run away from your Fears And Anxieties forever

Have a good cry and relieve stress

smiley_cryingA good way of relieving stress is to have a good cry.  You are not weak if you cry but naturally getting rid of feelings that might be damaging your health.

Society seems to dictate when we are allowed to cry such as funerals and weddings and women are judged less than men for crying.  Other cultures are more relaxed about crying, for instance, Italians have no such reservation about crying in public.

Most of us do cry though more often than we admit.  society though expects us to deal with our families, work and friends with calm assurance, meeting crises and catastrophes without breaking down.  it is important for our health and happiness however that we can release these tensions at appropriate times and tears are a good way to do this.

Tears are used as a device and if you pick a safe place and time to release these emotions then you are preventing yourself from those tensions building into severe stress or anxiety.

Think about what would work for you.  A few examples would be to watch a sad movie, take yourself off to a private place or hug a loved one but this is a very individual thing and you will know what works for you, so, have a good cry, release stress and be a more healthy person.

Panic attacks and how they start

Listen to the video below as it explains how I felt when having a panic attack but I didn’t know what to do then.   Eating in restaurants always made me anxious and this is where my panic attacks started. When I looked at this video I identified immediately with how I felt when I first suffered from panic attacks.

What it didn’t talk about though was what I call ‘the wave’ which comes with panic attacks. I used to dread ‘the wave’  but now when I feel some tingling in my fingers or scalp I can stop ‘the wave’ from coming on and taking me into a full blown panic attack.  I realize then that my anxiety is high and I work at getting it down.  Please watch the video if you do experience panic.

It’s not easy to overcome panic attacks but it can be done and I have done it myself. Don’t be fooled though into thinking its easy or that you can read a book or watch some videos and it will all go away. That doesn’t happen. It takes time and you must apply what you learn.    I really liked this video and I hope you did too.

I recommend PANIC AWAY for help with overcoming panic.  Just read their testimonials to see the relief they have given to so many people.

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