Tips for panic attacks

How to cure yourself of panic and get a normal life.

The following are tips for panic attacks that have worked for me. They include methods that you can use to help yourself to stay in control and reduce stress.

Stay in the present – don’t allow your mind to skip ahead to ‘what might happen if’. Concentrate on what is happening NOW.

Change your thinking and how you react to it. Realize that anxiety is affected by what you are feeling and its not life threatening. You have some control over yourself.

Don’t be self absorbed -join in a conversation, take in what’s going on around you, take a walk and appreciate the beauty around you. Try and concentrate on doing something. Distraction is my greatest ally in combating panic attack. We tend to over analyze our thoughts and negative self talk is our greatest enemy. Continue reading Tips for panic attacks

Secrets to avoiding stress and overeating

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We all need to eat, but the problem starts when you eat for comfort when you are anxious or stressed.  Stress and anxiety can be a bad aspect of your life if you react to it by overeating.  This can lead to weight gain and health problems as well. I was one who was a comfort eater and when things went wrong for me I would take pleasure in my food.

Finding out what your stressors are is very important so you are aware of why you are overeating.  Sometimes we can’t change the stressors eg a bereavement but we can control how we react to it.  We often hope that the comfort we get will make the underlying problem go away but unfortunately it just makes it worse or creates other problems.

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A natural anxiety remedy can work for you

In healing anxiety you must remember that a magic cure or pill does not exist. This is not to say that healing rates are low. Both patients and medical professionals have taken healing anxiety to high, encouraging success rates often using a natural anxiety remedy.

It is important to remember that all your professional help should have one goal: to establish the belief that you have the power to control your body as well as your life.

Methods that you can do yourself include stress management techniques such as meditation, getting sufficient exercise or other physical activity and proper eating properly. I also find that taking a good vitamin B complex and evening primrose oil has helped me as well.

One of the most popular alternative natural remedies uses St. John’s Wort. It has the same effect to prescription drugs but without side effects, developed tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms. Personally I haven’t found much success with St John’s Wort but I know others who have.



The most successful use of a natural anxiety remedy in my opinion involves the use of alternative and herbal treatments in conjunction with scientific cognitive behavioral therapy (COG). This COG therapy emphasizes the self help aspect for the treatment of anxiety. It focuses on practical, personal skills for dealing with stress and keeping your reactions in check.

Please consult your doctor before taking any natural supplements like St John’s Wort for example, to avoid contraindications with other medications you might be taking.

Overcoming panic attacks

Moving on after panic | living a normal life

I really cant say that I am cured from, and that I have succeeded in overcoming panic attacks. If I let my anxiety levels rise then it is a possibility that I may have another panic attack. The difference is now that I don’t fear it. I know how to work through it.

overcoming panic

dont panic

Overcoming panic attacks hasnt been a quick fix for me and I dont think too many people can say that it has been for them either. I worked on it, and as I have said in previous posts, I took one step at a time and now I feel I have succeeded.

Looking at life through positive eyes has been something that I have to work at but I am much better at it now than I was in the beginning. It’s like anything that has been a habit, it takes time to change. Life has opened up to me again and I am happy, which is probably a result of that positive outlook. Continue reading Overcoming panic attacks