My personal affirmations

These are my personal affirmations that I try to use every day.

Affirmations have been used since we have had language.  Personal affirmations are tools that can help you rewrite negative tapes about yourself and your life and are the easiest way to make positive changes and can help you to manage stress.

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Give a stress relief gift this Christmas

Do you suffer from stress or know someone close who does?  Are you looking for gifts for Christmas? Its the end of the year and buying for people who you know who can do with a bit of relaxation is easy with 8 ideas below.

MassageDr. Scholl’s DR6624 Toe-Touch Foot Spa with Bubbles and Massage.  A foot bubble bath and massage in one.

A book about a hobby or interest such as The Big-Ass Book of Crafts. I’m sure there is something in there for everyone.

Aromatherapy idea – Aroma Home Aromatherapy Microwaveable Hot Booties – Hot Sox.  How wonderful to have warm feet this winter and have the lovely aroma of pure essential oils.  I can feel the stress melt away at the thought. This would be my pick – family and friends please note 🙂

Music CD – The Ultimate Relaxation Christmas Album. It’s hard to believe the words  relaxation and Christmas can be used together but it does this time.

Comedy DVD – Mamma Mia! The Movie (Two Disc Special Edition).  Watch this lovely movie and sing along with them as this is a great stress reliever too.

Gift pack of relaxing teaYou’re My Cup of Tea Gourmet Food Gift Basket – a Great Gift For Her! Tea is so good for you so why not sit back and relax with a cup of tea,  and try some tea you may not have had before like the mango green tea.

Jigsaws and gamesPuzzle 3D Eiffel Tower. You can imagine you are in Paris while you do it.  Well I would as Ive been to Paris and would love to relive that memory.

Oh and if its YOU that is stressed, then just go buy a new pair of shoes or an  Oversized ”Ashlee” Tote – Brown, Red, Black or Purple handbag.  That works for me!  You cant have enough shoes or handbags can you?

These are a few of my ideas and maybe you can come up with some more.  Enjoy Christmas this year and make it as stress free as you can.   Relax and enjoy the season.

Did you know we all handle bad stress differently?

A large glass of red wine contains about three...
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The way we react to bad stress is different for each person.  I know when I’m stressed, I race around, drink lots of coffee and talk at a hundred miles an hour.  My best friend though just retreats and finds comfort in food and a good red wine. You can see that we both handle stress very differently.

I probably fall into what is called a hyper personality when I’m stressed and I have found aromatherapy and Bach Flower Remedies work well for me.  When I realize my bad stress levels going up I then also watch what I am eating and cut down on the caffeine. I also slow my mind down with meditation.
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