A few positive ways to improve your office work space for a healthier life

homedeskYou may not realize that your office work space isn’t the most healthy environment for you to work in.  There are so many things surrounding you that produce electromagnetic fields such as from your computer, the printer, photocopier and even the fluorescent lights.  You can’t eliminate these risk altogether but be aware of them.  Two things you can do is to not sit too close to your computer and when you aren’t using it then turn it off.

Carpets, walls and furniture can also be treated with a range of chemical finishes that can affect you.  Natural flooring materials are much more healthy and a better alternative and use low odor paints and varnishes on the walls and furniture.  Your lighting or lack of it can affect your sight and give you headaches.  Try and place your work spaces near a window for natural light if possible.

The quality of the air is also important so rooms that are closed up all day are breeding grounds for germs.  For a healthier life open up a window and let the air circulate.  You can’t always do this in high rise building so keeping the air conditioner well serviced is the best you can achieve.  Also having a living plant on your desk or near your work spaces can help purify the air.

Lastly make sure your office work space especially your desk and chair are set up to be ergonomically friendly.  Make sure your when you sit on your chair your feet are on the floor and you your desk is fairly uncluttered with everything organized that you can reach it easily.  If you need a wrist rest then use it but I find it more a nuisance than a help.

I really want to rule the world again!

I am going to do something a bit different this week and talk to you about a video I really love, and which reminds me of a time from childhood to my teenage years when I was a confident and outgoing person.  I don’t know really where my confidence went but it disappeared in early adulthood and I was left with anxiety and panic but I really want to rule the world again.

I then discovered MUSIC that I could download to my iPhone, iPad or Kindle that could help me with rebuilding confidence.  CLICK ON THE LINK TO LEARN MORE.

The video is the Grammy Award winning song “Viva la Vida” and also known as ‘When I ruled the world” sung by Coldplay.   It’s a very stirring song and a little bit sad as well.   I would like you to listen to it but don’t examine every word but just enjoy the song.

When I first heard it I thought immediately of my young days when I was a confident young lady who loved to mix and had many friends.  I became an anxious and reserved person who preferred her own company or only those of some close friends and family.

The lines –

“People couldn’t believe what I’d become,
Revolutionaries wait for my head on a silver plate,
just a puppet on a lonely string” 

These lines of the song are exactly how I thought of myself and what others thought of me, and all the while they were wondering where the confident girl went.  I was thinking that they were just waiting for me to fail, panic or retreat.  The song is also uplifting to me and makes me want to rise up and sing loudly out the window, especially in the OH OH OH part.

I wish I could go back to those days when I ruled the world.

Click on the video below and listen to it now and let me know what the song says to you.

Public Speaking Anxiety | Achieving Effective Speaking Skills

I am talking today about public speaking anxiety which is also known as Glossophobia and also achieving effective speaking skills because at sometime in your life you may have to speak publicly to a work or community group and you want to be able to do that without stressing out.  Giving a speech or presenting before a group, whether the group is a thousand or just ten, qualifies as one of people’s biggest fears. It is not uncommon to find a person who is terrified at the prospect of having to speak to a roomful of people.conference-2

But why do we fear speaking in front of others so very much?  Psychologists believe that it is not really public speaking that make people experience so much STRESS but the fear of making a mistake in front of others. In my personal experience that is true, but also when you talk publicly people actually look at you and to me I feel they are judging how I look as well as how I speak. Being glossophobic can however be conquered with the right attitude, knowledge and commitment.

Here are some points that can start you in your path towards achieving effective speaking skills:

Speak about what you know
Talking about something that you have a passion for and know about will not only lessen the anxiety that you may experience but will also make you appear fervent and enthusiastic about the project. If you want to develop effective speaking skills then this would be the what I would do first.

Use Humor
What’s the best way to impress an audience? To make them feel connected to you. And how do you exactly do that? Use humor. Open your speech with a joke or a funny observation. Everyone loves to laugh. This can also help you relax. It’s also a good strategy for covering up errors when they happen.

When you practice, the chance of making a mistake decreases. The biggest benefit though will be that it will make you feel more self confident, knowing that you have prepared for the speech and that you have done your best to present it.  I am the kind of person who likes to be prepared so this tip is something I would do anyway.  So, prepare your speech then practice it and you will find yourself less stressed and less glossophobic.

Involve The Audience
The best way to appear competent before an audience is to actually acknowledge their existence. Say hello to them and you could even ask them a question.  Also when you do this it makes the speech less formal and more comfortable for everyone. A less formal approach can excuse the speaker from some blunders.  Hey and I will made them over the years.

My secret and main coping technique in regard to public speaking anxiety is to think of the audience as children. Children are accepting and not critical aren’t they.  Find what works for you though as we all react differently to stress. I have heard people say that they image the audience naked, but hey, that just doesn’t work for me at all.  Maybe all you need is to listen to is some RELAXATION MUSIC beforehand and that is what I do as it brings my stress levels down quite dramatically.

So the bottom line is don’t stress the next time you have to speak to a group, follow my tips and you will be fine and well prepared.

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Get rid of Your Spider Phobia once and for all

spider_webIt is not too unusual to find a person with a spider phobia. If you are reading this, you probably include yourself amongst the number of people who have a terrible fear of those creepy, eight legged creepy crawlies.  I don’t like spiders myself and avoid them when I can. It’s fairly easy to realize why you would be afraid of spiders. They creep around with their plump bodies and hairy legs, spinning webs to trap prey and suck the life out of them. Am I freaking you out right now or just myself?  Thankfully, you don’t need to live with your spider phobia forever. Through hypnosis, you can rid yourself of your spider phobia and stop freezing up or running a mile whenever you see one of those nasties. Continue reading Get rid of Your Spider Phobia once and for all