You can use these easy tips for Stress Relief for Women

Stress can be a major factor in living an unhealthy life for women in particular.  Many women are finding it difficult due to feelings of pressure and stress in their everyday lives.  Stress relief for women can be very easy to achieve, especially when you know how.  Keeping your stress to a minimum is now one of the greatest tasks most women need to learn.

One good strategy is to learn to prioritize.  No one can do everything at once and you also have to have  some allotted time for leisure and relaxation as well as your work.  I am a person of lists so I follow my list and each day I feel I have achieved some things, if not all, and feel less stressed in the process.

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Living a Stress Free Life

Can you really lead a stress-free life?

Probably not completely as living a stress free life is not a reasonable goal in this high tech world. Dealing with everyday stresses is a more achievable goal. Look at people in your lives that deal with stress well. These are the people who cope even when thrown life’s challenges but handle it. Stress resistant people also tend to accept the problems as circumstances  and don’t personalize the problem eg They might say “I have a bad habit” and not “I am a bad person.”

Here are some strategies for a stress free life:

  • meditation
  • massage
  • relaxation exercises
  • yoga
  • biofeedback
  • music therapy

Can you really lead a stress free life? Again I don’t think so and maybe you wouldn’t want to. Stress is a part of a life well lived, the sort of life that inevitably involves change.

Try repeating an affirmation for stress relieving. Here is a lovely affirmation below that you should say each day, and remember stress will chase us but we don’t have to make it change our life for the worse.

Stress Free Affirmation

Your positive affirmations to absolute calm

Positive affirmations can change the way you see yourself and help you change your existing thoughts as they work on the subconscious mind. With positive affirmations you can feed your brain new information and instructions for a better mental state and subsequently better life. You can achieve absolute calm at last.

Positive affirmations do work and you should be using them to make the most of your life especially your mental health.  Also remember that your affirmations should be achievable and specific eg I am relaxed and friendly in social situations this year or another one could be – I release all of my negative emotion.

Try positive affirmations for a more positive you.  Your subconscious will listen.  It only takes a few minutes a day but it can make a big different in your positive outlook.

I think this quote says it all:

The best way to predict the future is to create it!…. Jason Kaufmann

Here are a few of my own positive affirmation for absolute calm:

I am strong, relaxed, loving and perfect
I am thankful for such a good life
I am happy and fulfilled this year
I am healthy and wealthy in every way
I am in control
I am at peace with myself and others
I create the life I want
My body heals itself
My life is unlimited
I have the support of others
I am free

Make your own and say them regularly at least in the morning (in the shower) and last thing at night.  If you want to write your own affirmations, but don’t know how to start, then there is technology called Affirm Now that can help. To check it out Click Here!

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Social Anxiety | My Experience (Part 2)

The first time I had a panic attack I thought I must have some sort of virus that made me nauseous and that gave me diarrhea. My face was flushed and I was convinced I had a fever.  I was at a Christmas party at the time and spent the majority of the evening in the powder room.  I felt just miserable all night. Its amazing how strong are The Astonishing Power of Emotions.   I didn’t understand then that the waves coming up over me through out the evening were actually panic.  It took me two days for my stomach to recover.   Social Anxiety can sneak up on you and without help the phobia keeps getting re enforced by your behavior.

These panic attacks continued at social outings especially at restaurants for the next 20 or more years until I decided that I couldn’t live this way.  Because I am not a very social person it didn’t affect me as much as someone who was outgoing but I found I was now avoiding situations, so my social life was very limited.  I decided to get help and was referred to a Psychiatrist.  She prescribed drugs to help but these gave me so many side affects, some still are with me now such as a creeping feeling in my scalp that I’ not sure that I got a lot of benefit from them.  I did get some temporary relief, like a band aid solution, but it didn’t really help me solve the root problem.

I was finally diagnosed as having Social Anxiety Disorder though and that give me a name to my problem.

I went on for a few more years until I got some good advice to try Cognitive Behavior Therapy with a Psychologist at a local Mental Health Service.  A group class was starting soon so I took advantage of that and joined in.  What surprised me initially was that the people in the group were all different in how social anxiety was affecting them.  One person had a problem with making and answering telephone calls.  Another couldn’t talk to strangers and I couldn’t eat in restaurants.  The real surprise was that we all benefited by the classes.

It taught me to recognize triggers for my social anxiety and to take one step at a time towards overcoming the behaviors I had re enforced over the years. We used a work book and did some group work as well.

More on my first steps to overcoming this disorder in my next post.

If you are looking to get relief NOW from social anxiety and panic attacks go to PANIC AWAY which is one of the internets most successful online course for treating panic disorder today.  They get amazing results, just check out their testimonials.

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