Breathing your way through Anxiety

Did you know you can breathe your way through anxiety?

As you get older you no longer get the same amount of oxygen to your lungs as you used to when you were younger.  If you shallow breathe like I do then you will build up more carbon dioxide in your lungs.  This does not help you when you get anxious and can actually lead you to a panic attack.

When you are anxious you also rapid breathe which not only can lead to overall tiredness but is not good for your heart.  It only takes about 5 minutes a day to freshen that stale air that is accumulating and this you can do anytime of the day but at night time these exercises will also relax your for a better sleep.

Here are 3 exercises you can try:

1.  Place your hands on your stomach just below your rib case and slowly breath in and feel your ribs expanding.  slowly breathe out all the way as much as you can.

2. Humming exercises (now don’t laugh) are also helpful and this is where you hum on exhaling.  Concentrate on your breathing and hum each time you exhale.  This help you relax in all part of your body.

3.  Chinese breathing is something new that I have been trying.  Sit down in a comfortable chair, preferably one that doesn’t have arms and take three short breaths through the nose without exhaling between them.

With this technique on the first breath you also have to lift your arms out in front of you , on the second you open up your arms to the side at shoulder level and on the third breathe you lift them over your head.  You then exhale and bring your arms down to your side.

Maybe do it one more time but don’t overdo it as it can make you lightheaded and don’t do this exercise when standing.

I would like you now to watch this video by as its a fairly new way to treat anxiety and stress and one I am looking at investigating more.  Click on the link below to watch it.

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Get rid of Your Spider Phobia once and for all

spider_webIt is not too unusual to find a person with a spider phobia. If you are reading this, you probably include yourself amongst the number of people who have a terrible fear of those creepy, eight legged creepy crawlies.  I don’t like spiders myself and avoid them when I can. It’s fairly easy to realize why you would be afraid of spiders. They creep around with their plump bodies and hairy legs, spinning webs to trap prey and suck the life out of them. Am I freaking you out right now or just myself?  Thankfully, you don’t need to live with your spider phobia forever. Through hypnosis, you can rid yourself of your spider phobia and stop freezing up or running a mile whenever you see one of those nasties. Continue reading Get rid of Your Spider Phobia once and for all

Over Breathing and Anxiety

We take breathing for granted as something that we just do but breathing and anxiety do have a  link.  Breathing is not something we have to think about, it just happens.  We adults breathe about 15 times per minute on average.  I am a shallow breather so I would take more breaths per minute than the average person would.

What does that me to me personally?  Well when someone is anxious they tend to over breathe and hyperventilate but I am already half way there already.

My goal over the last few years is to control my breathing by slowing it down and taking bigger breaths.  This was not easy at first but when you start to see the good results then you know you have to persevere.  Retraining yourself for anything takes time  so don’t be hard on yourself and keep going.  I used to just do these exercises below when I felt a panic attack coming on but now I do them when I think about it as  a kind of preventative measure.

Here is my 5 step method for breathing and anxiety:

  1. If you are already hyperventilating just exhale, then hold your breath for a count of 5.   Breathe in and hold that breath again.  Now continue or if this step does not apply to you go to No 2 now.
  2. Sit somewhere quiet if possible.  You don’t need to lie down unless you really want to.  If this is not possible then proceed anyway.
  3. Take a deep breath for 5 seconds, hold it for another 5 seconds,  feel your stomach expand, now exhale slowly for a further 10 seconds.
  4. Do this again a few more times.
  5. Now breathe in without holding your breath and exhale slowly.

These are easy steps to take to control your breathing and anxiety but they work for me so try them yourself and see what difference they make for you.  Everyone is different but I am sure you will get some benefit from this method.

Anxiety Lie

Social Phobia and special occasions

Easter can be an anxious time for many people so if you are reading this post and have social phobia, congratulations, you survived it and you even survived the New Year this year.

Times when family and friends get together can be seen as difficult for those of us, like me, who are shy or suffer from social phobia.  Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving,  major birthdays (like 21st and 40th) can be difficult to face, not only if you are anxious because of a phobia, but also because many families fight during these times.   I prefer to spend time with my mother, partner, children and grandchildren,  the people I am comfortable with.

This is natural to feel that way but remember, if you suffer from social phobia you need to keep practicing being social or it will again become difficult.  They say practice makes perfect and in this case they are right.  In regard to the family fights, just stay out of it and stay calm if possible, and if that all fails think about giving them a big miss.  See the family individually instead and have a better experience for yourself.  We don’t always think about ourselves first but we need to do that for our own good.

I had a party to go to and a wedding just recently so I got to practice my social skills.  If you face the fear of socializing and having a panic attack then you need to learn to overcome it for good.  There is no way I am going to allow myself to slip back from what I have achieved.  Don’t let it happen to you.  Take control of your life and live it the way you want.  Anxiety help is available (click the link below to get expert help) and it is also within you if you know where to reach in for it.

How well did you do this last Easter season and how well will you do for the next birthday or special occasion?

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